Sunday, March 28, 2010

Prayer in Schools

I was involved in a violation of the law one time in Jr. High, though I did not know it at the time. I attended "bible" club during a lunch period and the organizer and leader of the club was a teacher at the school who led the attendees, students, in prayer. This was in 1980 and was illegal then as it is now and rightly so. Teachers who are of course adults, should never be allowed to push their religious beliefs on impressionable children in a place like a public school for so many reasons I find it amazing that anybody even argues about it.

But argue they do and there is no end to the zealots out there who would love to again have in our public schools across this country children led every morning in prayer by adults. These are sick people who typically have what I call, "God on the Brain", i.e. they are the kind of people that if you encounter them in your daily travels, you are very quickly going to hear about their God, and they will very quickly proceed to shove him down your throat and threaten (and remember, the threats are usually veiled in some kind of sicky, sweet religious talk) you in some sort of way, if you do not appear receptive to this activity. And also remember, when religious person says that they will pray for you, that is really just there way of saying that you are obviously a lost cause and a waste of space, it is sort of a disguised f**k off.

One reason that I think of quite often against this argument for prayer in schools which often occurs to me and I don't think I have seen it used myself, though I am sure it has somewhere, is that if I were a religious person, a christian, which I used to be one, I would never want my children led in prayer in any public school at any time ever for the precise reason that I would have absolutely no control over the content of such prayers. I mean let's get real here, prayers are simply veiled religious instruction. It is basically a little lecture where the praying person gets a captive audience for a short period of time every day, where they have an opportunity to push their world view system onto children. Now to my way of thinking I would never in a million years want my children to have to listen to this kind of thing every day because it could, quite possibly run exactly counter to what I would have them be taught.

But there are religious nut jobs out there who think that prayer in schools is some kind of remedy for what is wrong with them. They want to pray the problems away and they are very deadly serious about this. If they had their way, prayer would be back in school with a vengeance and children would be led in prayer several times a day. And they would not stop there. They would gladly have bible studies as well and the list goes on and on. These kinds of people don't really deserve to be Americans, because they would not know the concept of religious freedom if it bit them in the ass. Freedom of religion consequently means the right to have freedom from religion if you should so choose. And it is pretty difficult to do that if your children are compelled to pray in school every day.

But let's get down to the real reason why these people want to lead your children in prayer every day. It is because maybe they will be able to save your children from a potentially filthy atheist parent like you and set them on the right path to God. Because children are where you go if you want impressionable minds that are ripe for suggestion and coercion, or brainwashing. And that is the audience that religion desires most of all, which is why schools are always the target.

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