Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Power over the spirit world?

So I am flipping stations on the way home from work yesterday and I hear a preacher say that christians need to realize that they have been given power over the spirit world, and I burst out laughing. And I laughed because it is indeed hilarious to think that you are going to exercise power over a world that is completely delusional.

This reminded me of what hypocrites christians really tend to be when it comes to this kind of thing. If a christian has a wallet stolen, do they suspect that demon took it? I wager that if I suggested this possibility I would be given a strange look. And yet according to their world view, it is entirely plausible.

But I do know where many christians look for demons and that is behind many of the common vices that plague humanity. They tend to place one behind anything that they would consider to be a sin such as pornography, drug use, masturbation, etc. So instead of truly understanding human nature and solving perceived problems with reason and willpower (or in some cases, such as masturbation, realizing it is not a problem at all) they will very likely try to pray the demon away. Or maybe even resort to more desperate measures, such as exorcism.

Or you could be like those christian militia bozos who just got busted and were preparing to wage war against the anti-christ, apparently starting with blowing away some local cops. You would think that Jebus could handle the anti-christ on his own but apparently not, he needs some extra firepower to back him up. And I would think that fighting the anti-christ would be like going up against a boss in a video game. I suppose that is the allure of it, if you could kill that fucker, then you would definitely impress Jebus big time.

I am sure their are many who would call themselves christian who of course do not advocate any of the things that I am describing here. But again that is a really part of the problem. Christians are so divided and scattered amongst different viewpoints that the idea of real unity amongst them is a joke. And quite frankly, since the bible quite clearly describes Jebus casting out demons on several occasions, I don't see how any christian can deny that this is something they should be worried about. But of course we who live in the real world know why many christians don't worry about demons too much, and that is because they are completely imaginary. And of course excel at believing in imaginary things like hell, original sin, etc. All you gotta do is apply the same kind of logic and reason that would lead you to conclude that demons are imaginary to all these other imaginary things and your christianity will disapear into nothingness really quickly I promise you.

Imagine if instead of worrying about exercising power over delusional things, christians actually did something constructive with their time, like trying to solve problems with reason and logic? But of course these are things that are basically the opposite of faith and so get in the way of being a christian in the first place.

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